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Suggestions for praying more effectively for missions are:

  • Ask God to give you a spirit of prayer.Ask God to

  • Obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit regarding prayer immediately.

  • Read books on prayer.

  • Keep a prayer list or notebook.

  • Use a variety of prayer resources. The Foundry has several available, such as a Prayer Chart and Prayer and Fasting Brochures.

  • Participate in special prayer emphases, such as:

  • Nazarene World Week of Prayer

  • Global Day of Prayer

  • International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

  • Get requests from the NMI Prayer Mobilization Line.

  • Above all else...pray.

Ongoing Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for missionaries and their families-for their ministry and safety.

  • Pray for missionaries and Christians in creative access areas, where government officials may not welcome missionaries and those who share their faith are in danger on a daily basis.

  • Pray for World Mission Broadcast programs and personnel who minister globally via radio, television, Internet, podcasts, and cell phone texting. For more information about World Mission Broadcast, visit

  • Pray for Nazarene Compassionate Ministries teams that share the love of Jesus to a needy world.

  • Pray for the JESUS film ministry. For more information about JESUS film, visit the JESUS Film Harvest Partners Website.   

Prayer Mobilization Line:

The Prayer Mobilization Line (PML) is a weekly publication focusing on the prayer needs and praise reports for the global ministries of the Church of the Nazarene and our missionaries. It is available in English and Spanish. Anyone can subscribe to receive PML, free of charge, via e-mail on the NMI Web site. 


To access the current NMI Prayer Mobilization Line click here. All information on PML is considered public domain and may be used for newsletters, bulletins, etc. For more information, contact the NMI Office at 913-577-2970 or via e-mail at or visit their website at .

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Your district point of contact for information regarding prayer is Deb Kleinfield


She may be reached at

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